Born in 1989 in Sicily, Southern Italy, I live near Lake Como and I have always sung and listened to music. At the age of 9 I understood that music would be the most important thing in my life because I sang “Colors of the wind” from “Pocahontas” in front of my family: so I started to write my first songs in Italian at 10, while at 14 I started to play guitar. Then I began to write songs in English, to play as a solo act and in a band and to study singing technique. In 2017 I started to play my songs everywhere in Italy, participating in and organizing a lot of musical events. In may 2018 I won two special prizes, while in august 2018 I won the First Prize of the New Proposals at Live Song Festival in Traversetolo: the Italian composer and musician Fio Zanotti chose me as the winner.

In april 2019 I won a special prize for my song “Fiume in piena” at CET – School of authors of the Italian composer Mogol. In September 2019 I started to study Musical at the school Stendhart in Oggiono, Northern Italy. On the 8th June 2020 my ep “Once upon a time” was released in the digital stores: it contains two tracks in English, “A thousand wishes” and “Too late”, and two tracks in Italian: “Fiume in piena” and “La nostra meta”. A good success for this debut album: sales, visualizations and plays have come from Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. At the end of 2020 “Too late” and “A thousand wishes” have scored in the first 10 ranks at the World Songwriting Awards for the category “Best Modern Country Song”. On the 14th February 2021 a new single has been released: the song is in Italian and it’s called “In questa vita“. On the 30th June the song “My best portrait“, written with Silvia Tavecchio, was released on all platforms and chosen as a finalist at the World Songwriting Awards for the category “Best Modern Country Song”. On the 30th September I’ve released a new song called “Nothing left here”. Thanks to these projects, I’ve been an official nominee as INTL FEMALE EMERGING ARTIST OF THE YEAR at the ISSA AWARDS. In October 2021 my trio White Dove (Virginia Maglio: fiddle, Andrea dell’Era: piano, Roberta Scimè: guitar, cajon and voice) was created and started to perform in different occasions. In January 2022 my new song “In search of happiness” was pubished on all digital platform and in April I’ve been nominated as INTL FEMALE RISING STAR, VOCALIST OF THE YEAR, SINGLE OF THE YEAR, VIDEO OF THE YEAR AND SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR at the ISSA AWARDS. Thanks to my fans’ votes and the judges’ choice, I won a silver award as INTL FEMALE SINGLE OF THE YEAR!

After winning this award again in 2023, now I’m an ISSA NOMINEE with “Unnatural dimension”, first song of 2024: here you can vote for me until the 30th April!